Picture Me Rescued

Picture Me Rescued
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Cute photos of cats and dogs dominate our feeds.

They make you want to squeeze them and bring them home to a lifetime supply of unconditional love. But tragically, the one place you often won’t find cute pet photos is the profile pic section of animal rescue shelters.

Every shelter animal in need of rescue deserves to be seen in their best light, especially older pets, larger breeds, and animals with dark fur who have a harder time getting adopted.

So on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day Adobe Lightroom teamed up with photographer duo JUCO and spcaLA to give their shelter pets a total photo makeover.

Simple tweaks make all the difference

While the Picture Me Rescued shoot totally transformed spcaLA’s pet profile section, you don’t have to be a pro-photographer to get these life-saving results.

Below we’ve included some simple tips and tricks for how you can use Lightroom to help shelter pets look their most adoptable.

People need to see how adorable and expressive they are. Get down low with your phone or camera to bring us eye-level with all the things that make people want to bring them home.

This is especially important for larger breeds as people tend to take a pass on them. Really draw out their playful side to show they have more to love.

Black fur pets are less likely to get adopted because their facial features are harder to see in the usual dark, gloomy photos. Their fur is often underexposed, hiding their personality. Go ahead and bump up the darks with the Curve Tool to draw their mojo out of the shadows.

Older pets are often the most overlooked and spend longer in shelters. Use the temperature tool to create that warm fuzzy feeling that no human can scroll past.

For a pet trying to connect with a new human, eye contact is everything. Use the Selective Edit Tool to touch up the highlights in their eyes and make prospective adopters codependent at first sight.

Remember, you want your furry friends to stand out.

You can use the Color Mix Tool to adjust the color of the background until they really pop.

Get involved

Every shelter animal deserves a great photo and there are many more out there who still need our help. If you’re an animal lover like we are and want to get involved, download Lightroom, find your local shelter at ASPCA’s site, and use the tips you learned here to picture them rescued.

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