Help us Bring the Future to Life with Project Puppetron

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Help us Bring the Future to Life with Project Puppetron

Project Puppetron was shown in our sneak peek at Adobe MAX. If you missed it or want to see it again, check it out here.

The Character Animator team, who let you bring a Photoshop or Illustrator file to life through performance-based and live animation, now invites you to be a part of their latest experiment in a new form of automated puppet creation known as Project Puppetron.

Project Puppetron lets you capture your own face via webcam and, through a simple setup process, create a puppet of yourself in the style of a piece of referenced art. Imagine your mug merged with a painting by Degas, or an illustration from your favorite portrait artist, creating a totally unique puppet, without drawing or organizing the layers in another tool.

The workflow begins by capturing your face with your computer’s camera or peripheral webcam. During this initial setup, you perform various facial expressions and mouth shapes for lip sync, and then select the reference art and the level of stylization you want to apply to create a fully-realized, animated puppet.

Once Project Puppetron has created your puppet, you can perform your character or modify your puppet as you would any other puppet in Character Animator. Then, bring further dimension to your character’s performance with rigging, triggerable artwork, layer cycles, etc., through the broad array of tools offered in Character Animator.

We’d love to have you explore this new idea with us! While we want to give everyone a chance to use Project Puppetron, we can only handle so many people putting it through its paces at any one time. If you or your company could use this form of instant puppet creation now, and can commit to giving us feedback on a regular basis, please submit an application to test Project Puppetron today.

In the meantime, thanks for joining us on our animation adventure, and we look forward to shipping you more exciting features like those you’ve come to expect from Adobe Character Animator CC.


Marketing Manager, Character Animator CC

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