Save the Date: Think Tank by Adobe – The Future of Advertising


We are on the cusp of one of the greatest and most disruptive technology waves in history — the experience business wave. Nearly 90 percent of companies surveyed by Gartner indicated that they expect to compete primarily on consumer experience. That’s up nearly three times from 2010. In our hyper-connected, hyper-local, hyper-personalized world, a brand’s success relies almost exclusively upon its ability to deliver compelling personalized experiences to consumers, both online and off. But what is the role of the advertiser in experience business? Will the future of marketing see seismic shifts as businesses look to turn advertisements into experiences?

Next week, live from New York City at Advertising Week, we’re bringing you the next iteration of Think Tank by Adobe: The Future of Advertising. The Think Tank working group will be comprised of advertising executives who will dive deeper into the opportunities and challenges advertisers face for the future, with a particular focus on automation, transparency, and measurement in delivering compelling ad experiences.

Join us for the live stream of our Future of Advertising Think Tank by Adobe on Monday, Sept. 25, at 11:30 a.m. ET.

Martin Kihn, research vice president at Gartner will moderate the live-streamed discussion focused on:

  • Automation: Once controversial, the adoption of automated, data-driven buying of advertising is now so mainstream that it is often taken for granted. Over 70 percent of digital video ad budgets, and over 80 percent of display ads are forecast to be bought through automated channels this year. Traditional TV advertising bought through automated software is expected to eclipse $3 billion in 2017, and double in 2018 to reach $6 billion. So, what’s next in the space?
  • Transparency: Pre-rolls on extremist videos. Fraudulent traffic driven by botnets. Cloudy business models and a murky supply chain. This Advertising Week, brand marketers have a lot to keep them up at night. Despite all the technological progress, our industry still struggles to answer the most basic questions like, “where are my ad dollars going?”
  • Measurement: For decades, one question has punctuated marketers’ nightmares: “did our advertising work?” The advent of digital advertising was supposed to provide a respite from the years of relying on GRPs and subscription figures as proxies for effectiveness. But did it? Marketers remain hamstrung by models that, despite the improvement over the pre-digital era they represent, fail to properly account for all the necessary variables to accurately understand how marketing spend impacts the bottom line. We’ll explore measurement gaps — and solutions.

The Think Tank working group that will tackle these topics include luminaries across different industries, disciplines and brands:

  • Sharmilan Rayer, VP, audience & programmatic, NBCUniversal.
  • Phil Gaughran, chief integration officer, McGarryBowen.
  • Kelly Andresen, SVP, head of get creative, USA TODAY Network.
  • Jill Cress, CMO, National Geographic.
  • Will Warren, EVP, digital investment, Zenith Media.
  • Aubrey Flynn, CDO and SVP, REVOLT TV & Media.
  • Megan Estrada, VP of media, MGM Resorts.
  • Gary Milner, director of global digital marketing, Lenovo.
  • Keith Edie, VP, Advertising Cloud, Adobe.

Add the event to your calendar and join us via live stream on Monday, Sept. 26, at 11:30 a.m. ET.
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