Scaling Real Estate Business with Electronic Signatures

Scaling Real Estate Business with Electronic Signatures
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Millions of potential home buyers turn to REA Group web portals like and for easy access to property listings. But, the company’s sales contract process for real estate agents and advertising clients did not offer the same intuitive experience, so REA Group decided to transform the manual, paper-based contract process with electronic signatures.

Automating eSignatures with Adobe Sign has made life easier for sales staff by eliminating cumbersome paper-based processes. The average contract turnaround time is down to 90 minutes, and representatives have seen data errors drop dramatically. From a single dashboard, sales reps can initiate contracts that are automatically populated with data from the company’s Salesforce CRM system and proprietary Deals Suite software. This results in greater convenience for real estate agent and advertising clients.

“We’ve had extremely positive feedback from customers,” says Norm Duce, executive manager of business services at REA Group. “Customers find Adobe Sign very easy to use because they can sign from any device with just a click. About 80 percent of our contracts are now signed using the Adobe Sign workflow and that number is growing every day.”

The scalability of Adobe Sign has encouraged REA Group to add services such as mortgage lending, and improve new employee onboarding. The number of electronically signed documents within REA Group could easily climb into the millions.

REA Group also uses Adobe Analytics to understand how customers and consumers use its web portals. After discovering that more than half of its 53 million annual visitors access resources from mobile devices, the company is enhancing mobile functionality. REA Group also learned that many website visitors view properties for home improvement inspiration. As a result, REA Group has added a lifestyle section to its portals to better serve people.

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