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Instantly turn any printed document into a fully editable PDF by scanning it with your mobile device.

Scan Like a Boss
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Say you’re an event planner pounding the pavement daily in an effort to scoop up new clients, re-engage with past clients, and (of course) plan epic events for all of them.

Not surprisingly, a big part of your job is networking — and today is no exception. After mixing and mingling with guests at one of your chic events, you’ve amassed enough business cards from vendors, venues, and potential clients to keep you busy for the next year. Your business is booming, and you’re running it like a boss — almost.

Mixing and mingling into a mess

It’s great you’ve gathered so many contacts. It’s not-so-great that you have to schlep all those loose cards across town — or even across the country — for your next series of meetings. It’s a lost contact, lost connection, and lost contract waiting to happen — but not for you. You have the amazing Adobe Scan app on your mobile phone, so you can instantly scan and digitize anything, and toss the paper in the recycling. Better yet? Adobe Scan automatically detects the fields of your soon-to-be client’s business card and magically imports the information into a new phone contact.

Now you’re scanning like a boss!

Easy document scanning, collaboration, and signing — step by step

It’s simple to scan like a boss, whether you’re an on-the-move event planner or anyone who can’t afford to drop the ball. With Adobe Scan, your smartphone becomes a powerful portable scanner, that triggers a comprehensive collaborative workflow, keeping your business in motion even when you’re on the go. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Scan as you go. Before you leave your networking event, meeting, or client meet-and-greet, simply whip out your phone and scan all of the paper that has been pushed your way. From client contracts to business cards, receipts, even whiteboards, no content is safe from your mighty scanning tool.
  • Step 2: Let Adobe do the heavy lifting. In seconds, Adobe Scan automatically detects document borders, cleans up lighting and perspective problems and recognizes text with built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Like magic, your piece of paper is now a high-quality PDF with live, searchable text.
  • Step 3: Show off your inner perfectionist! Fine-tune the crop by manually dragging borders with the swipe of a finger. Erase smudges, creases, or other imperfections to your heart’s content with the new cleanup tool. We won’t judge…we’re nitpicky too.
  • Step 4: Got a business card? Adobe Scan recognizes its form factor and fields and can automatically add it to your contacts without any tiresome typing. So, if the card gets lost in the shuffle, or you just want to capture the contact and hand the card right back, you’ll have all the digital details right in your pocket.
  • Step 5: This one’s extra credit, so pay attention! Once your scan is saved, tap the “Open in Acrobat” button to do even more with your documents in Acrobat Reader mobile. If it’s a form, fill it out. If it’s a contract, sign on the dotted line. If it needs some fine-tuning, go right ahead – you can even edit on mobile.

We see you, scan wizard. Now all of your contracts, proposals, and sketches are fully digitized. Your go-to documents are stored in Adobe Document Cloud for easy access. You can even access them from your Acrobat desktop app or the Adobe Document Cloud web app… so stop emailing your files from one device to another! With AI-powered scanning as the first step to editing, signing, sharing and collaboration features, Document Cloud makes it easy for anyone to engage with documents — and that’s just the beginning.

Discover more ways to improve your workflow and efficiencies with the Like a Boss series now on the Adobe Blog.

Adobe Scan

Cut paper clutter with Adobe Scan. The free Adobe Scan app works on your mobile device, scans documents into PDFs, and automatically recognizes text.

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