Sonoma County Saves $209,000 Annually with Digital Document Workflows and E-signatures

Sonoma County Saves $209,000 Annually with Digital Document Workflows and E-signatures
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Sonoma County is known worldwide for its agriculture, resorts and spas, and natural beauty. Millions of tourists travel to the area every year to eat, drink, relax, and explore. Behind the scenes, the local government is a well-oiled administrative machine that’s focused on delivering maximum value to the county’s nearly half a million residents.

With a commitment to accountability, the county keeps records of all internal and external services and expenditures. When the costs behind maintaining paper-based forms and record keeping became too high, Sonoma County pivoted to digital forms created in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to reduce expenses and accelerate service delivery. To complete its digital transformation, the government deployed Adobe Sign for electronic signatures.

To kick the tires on the new platform, Sonoma County leveraged the electronic signature solution for some of its internal document processes, including submission and processing of wellness program reimbursement forms. The processes behind the forms were complicated, had several steps, and involved multiple departments, including managers, payroll, and other approvers.

Adobe Sign required minimal training to deploy, building excitement for the platform. The county trained only 74 employees during its soft launch, but when other employees heard about the solution they quickly jumped on board. As a result, Sonoma County received more than 5,000 reimbursement requests through Adobe Sign.

Conservatively, the government saved 10 minutes per form, resulting in a savings of $209,000 in labor each fiscal year for the one process. Employees are also receiving their reimbursements faster — in three weeks instead of three months.

After experiencing internal success, Sonoma County started a pilot through which local vendors, non-profits, and individuals can apply for funding to participate in events that support the local economy. Forms previously needed to be printed and signed, but the fully digital process featuring electronic signatures is now easier for applicants. For the county, all submissions are easily saved for convenient access during audits of the program.

“People at Sonoma County are getting excited about how Adobe Sign can improve processes and document management,” says Carolyn Staats, Records Manager and Project Manager at County of Sonoma. “With Adobe Sign, we can deliver fast and accountable approval workflows that will help us serve constituents with much greater efficiency and lower cost.”

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