Speedy Delivery of Sales Contracts

Speedy Delivery of Sales Contracts
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Yodel Delivery Network Limited efficiently and affordably delivers nearly 3 million parcels a week across the United Kingdom. Its customers already include some of the country’s largest retailers and Yodel wants to help other businesses reliably deliver goods to shoppers.

However, getting new contracts generated, sent, signed, and returned slowed Yodel’s sales process. Signature cycle time could take anywhere from two weeks to a month, slowing both Yodel’s revenue stream and its customers’ ability to benefit from delivery services.

Yodel solved the problem by implementing Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, and integrating it with its Salesforce CRM and Conga Composer systems. Using just a few clicks in Adobe Sign, Conga Composer pulls data directly from Salesforce CRM customer files to create documents sent by Adobe Sign. Signed agreements are then automatically imported back to Salesforce.

“Data mapping is a huge benefit of working with Adobe Sign, as it keeps all information accurate and up-to-date with zero effort from our sales staff,” says Edgar Zamora, Salesforce CRM Manager, Yodel. “The combination of Adobe Sign, Salesforce CRM, and Conga Composer gives us a seamless workflow that replaces time-consuming manual labor with automation. Greater accuracy and speed allows us to encourage even greater returns on our Salesforce investment.”

Prospective Yodel customers can view and sign documents in minutes from any internet browser or mobile device. Yodel’s signature cycle has been reduced by 88% to within two days. The overall sales cycle has been shortened by 20%, meaning Yodel administrators can focus on onboarding new retailers and delivering high levels of customer service instead of chasing contracts.

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