Stand Up and Stand Out – Announcing the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Stand Up and Stand Out – Announcing the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards
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At Adobe, we know that exceptional customer experiences don’t just happen by themselves. They’re the result of talented individuals, teams and entire organizations creating unique and innovative programs across customer journeys to influence tastes, change minds, and hopefully move the needle for the business.

Each year at Adobe Summit—The Digital Experience Conference, we recognize and celebrate the success of our customers, who not only provide exceptional experiences for their customers, but inspire and motivate us to innovate and continuously enhance our products.

The 2020 Experience Maker Awards recognize those people who went above and beyond to deliver epic experiences. This year’s program brings together the spirit and rich heritage of the former Marketo Revvie and Magento Imagine Excellence awards to recognize the most innovative and successful digital transformations across the entire Adobe Experience Cloud portfolio.

New Categories for 2020:

This year’s awards span 13 categories, recognizing outstanding customer achievements from individuals, teams and companies using any Adobe Experience Cloud product, including Marketo Engage or Magento Commerce.


The Magnifier: for a company that has harnessed the power of multiple Adobe Experience Cloud applications for  customer experience management (CXM) -to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive measurable business impact (must use at least two Adobe Experience Cloud applications).

The Advocate: for a company  that has overcome a significant customer experience challenge by embracing a customer-first approach to digital transformation and elevating their end customer experience to new heights with an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Transformer: for a company that has driven innovation across people, processes, and technology to achieve game-changing digital transformation and significant improvements in business results by implementing an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Orchestrator: for a company that has aligned customer journeys across multiple channels, geographies, or platforms to deliver the most cohesive customer experience through an innovative advertising, marketing campaign or commerce initiative using an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Analyzer: for a company  that has mastered the art and science of data-driven decision making to create optimized customer journeys and drive significant business impact based on leveraging real-time insights using Adobe Experience Cloud analytics solutions.

The Architect: for a company that has unified their content and marketing strategy to streamline the digital customer journey delivering personalized, relevant content to the right audience at the right time to achieve measurable impact and lift to business results with an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Mastermind: for a company that has delivered a unified commerce experience across B2B and B2C channels, spanning online and physical stores, multiple warehouses, drop shippers, marketplaces, partners and/or vendors to enable customers to buy and fulfill anytime, anywhere with an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Maverick: for a company or individual pushing the boundaries of innovation in customer experience, marketing, advertising, or commerce through bold, out-of-the box thinking and ground-breaking use of an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Ambassador: for an individual who has gone above and beyond to share their expertise, thought leadership, and has demonstrated a willingness to help their peers and/or colleagues succeed in their digital transformation/customer experience management initiatives with an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

The Closer: for a company that has built a world-class B2B revenue engine by harnessing the power of an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s) to drive alignment between sales and marketing that resulted in significant lift in pipeline conversion, bookings, and revenue growth.

Experience Maker of the Year: for an individual that has applied their knowledge of best practices and expertise in Adobe marketing, advertising, or commerce solutions to create exceptional customer experiences and deliver significant business impact for their team and company.

Experience Maker Executive of the Year: for the visionary leader who has driven digital transformation across their organization and delivered advances in customer experience to achieve significant business impact leveraging an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).(Applicant must be at a VP level or above.)

Experience Maker Team of the Year: for the team or cross-functional team that has worked collaboratively to overcome organizational obstacles and deliver exceptional customer experiences and business impact leveraging innovative approaches to execute their marketing, commerce, or advertising strategies with an Adobe Experience Cloud solution(s).

Show Us How You’re a Customer Experience Leader

Submit your entries for the 2020 awards now through January 31, 2020. Award recipients will be recognized in front of industry innovators and business leaders during an award ceremony March 30, 2020 at Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference, which is being held March 29 – April 2 in Las Vegas.

ICYMI: Some of  the 2019 Winners:

Velocity Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program of Virgin Australia (with CHE Proximity)

To encourage members to move credit card and grocery loyalty points to Velocity Frequent Flyer loyalty program, the company staged “The World’s Biggest Points Exchange Expo” event. The event was promoted with “Antiques Roadshows”-style videos, outdoor media, and personalized journeys, stitched together in Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign, with an Adobe Experience Manager-based chatbot named Brenda providing real-time, online expert consultations along the way. The audience framework drove a 46% reduction in overall CPA and high levels of member engagement.


Accent Group (with eWave)

Platypus Shoes (an Accent Group Ltd company) innovated the customer experience it delivers with Adobe Commerce Cloud to integrate and centralize stock inventory, and connect national warehouses and stores into one multichannel system. This provides customers substantially more inventory availability online and faster delivery options and services. Between 2016 and 2019, this solution drove a 330% revenue increase, a 123% increase in conversion rate, and a 424% increase in transactions.



To better understand the impact and effectiveness of its marketing campaigns, NVIDIA integrated Adobe Sensei into its workflows, leveraging its machine learning capabilities. This enables the company to determine the impact on sales of affiliate-, email-, and paid-marketing channels, and to use its data to determine what’s working and what’s not by region, sub-channel, and campaign.


T- Mobile (with TCS Interactive)

To boost the customer satisfaction ratings for its website, T-Mobile integrated Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 content management system, AngularJS, and its associated library to create a better customer experience. The massive overhaul consisted of 645 new web pages, 1,400 user stories, and a new end-to-end cart checkout production flow to optimize the customer shopping journey into a simple single-page application that boosted engagement and conversion. These changes contributed to T-Mobile receiving first place in the 2018 J.D. Power Wireless Purchase Experience Study.


Hilti (with EPAM Systems)

 Because of its legacy email marketing platform, before May 2018 Hilti Corporation was unable to effectively engage customers through its campaigns. To address this, Hilti integrated Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager with other tools in their ecosystem to build and implement a unified, multi-channel campaign management platform. Using agile methodology, the team rolled out the platform across 61 markets for email and SMS channels — a platform that resulted in a 30% accelerated time-to-market with a 55% increase in team productivity. Customer acquisition grew by 18% as email volume expanded by 6,000,000, all with 50% decreased platform costs.


Dollar Shave Club

To reframe its brand in the minds of consumers as a “grooming company,” Dollar Shave Club’s marketing and programmatic ad departments capitalized on the deeper Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud integrations to drive home their new brand focus while delivering better customer experiences. The result: conversions skyrocketed while the average CPA dropped from $269 to $9 — shaving off 98%.



Facing a less digitally-savvy demographic, declining direct mail response rates, and burgeoning online advertising costs, AARP turned to Adobe Target. The goal was to test the hundreds of touchpoints in the AARP membership journey and, from there, automate personalization for a more targeted, relevant user experience. Since the start of the program in 2015, the company’s online conversion rate has tripled, and just in the last year, conversion rates have increased by nearly 59%.



Under the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative, 1.1 million business owners across the UK will be required to keep digital records and submit their value-added tax (VAT) returns online using compatible software. To help business owners navigate this transition, Xero used Adobe Target to build five pretrial homepage experiences, each surfacing at a different time to different visitors depending on their lifecycle, segment, and real-time behavioral signals. These signals fed into Adobe Audience Manager, connecting relevant content to each user on their next visit. Over the course of three months, this experience reached more than 300,000 users, increased web sign-ups by 4.65%, and converted an additional 6% of trial customers to paid plans.

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