Stock Content Call: Video

Stock Content Call: Video
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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the video industry is going through a revolution. More and more videos are being consumed online (over 1 billion hours per day on YouTube alone), and creatives are eager to make the most of this boom.

There’s no better time than now to sell your videos as stock footage. Upload them to Adobe Stock today and get your clips in front of millions of creatives, editors, and brands.

Here’s what we’re looking to add to our video collection:

Business and industry

Businesses and customers using mobile devices and tablets for transactions.

  • Establishing shots of offices and small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, warehouses, and shops, during daytime and evening.
  • Women in positions of power and leadership in all industries.
  • Tradespeople, especially women, at work, including landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and more.
  • Urban agriculture and gardening, such as hydroponics and rooftop farms.
Video Source: Bavorndej / Adobe Stock


  • Electric cars and green technologies.
  • People of all ages on multiple devices at the same time, and multitasking with a device in hand.
  • AR/VR being used for work and for recreation.
  • Biometric security.
  • Representations of artificial intelligence being used in the workplace.
Video Source: hafakot / Adobe Stock


  • Large, multigenerational and multiethnic families spending time together including eating, shopping, driving, hiking, and celebrating holidays and milestones.
  • Gay couples and families in everyday life.
  • Summer videos: people outdoors and in parks, summer cookouts, scenes from the beach and the pool, children eating and playing outdoors.
  • People of all ethnicities celebrating cultural holidays and religious celebrations such as quinceañeras, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, communion, and more.
Video Source: ReeldealHD / Adobe Stock


  • Students of all ages and backgrounds in and outside of school.
  • Students using tablets and other technologies such as video chats in the classroom, taking online courses.
  • High school and college graduation ceremonies and celebrations featuring students of all ethnicities.
Video Source: Syda Productions / Adobe Stock

Health and wellness

  • People of all cultures, ages, gender identity, body types, and abilities leading healthy and active lives, exercising, and eating well.
  • People using wearable technology and mobile devices to track their fitness progress.
  • Positive representations of people with disabilities leading active and healthy lives.


Video Source: SVTeam / Adobe Stock

Establishing shots

  • Residential neighborhoods of all varieties, including day and night scenes, as well as seasonal and holiday scenes.
  • Exterior of buildings: offices, hospitals, apartment complexes, police and fire stations, schools, warehouses, community centers, and more.
Video Source: Felix Mizioznikov / Adobe Stock

Shooting tips

  • Authenticity is key — buyers are looking for natural clips that are relatable. If possible, try to cast real businesses and families for more authentic pictures, and encourage models to act out scenes to capture natural interactions.
  • Casting should reflect positive representations of body, age, race, culture, gender, and physical abilities.
  • Shoot a few variations of the same setup to get variety. Change up the camera angle. Capture models making direct eye contact with the camera, as well as more indirect actions.
  • If you’re including technology such as tablets, phones, and laptops, consider doing a similar setup or shot with multiple different devices. Avoid any trademarks and logos, or scrub them in post.

Submissions tips

  • All recognizable subjects need to sign a model release. You can print out this template before the shoot, or send one via email directly from the Stock Contributor Portal.
  • Keyword accurately to ensure buyers will find your content. List the most important and relevant keywords first. We recommend between 20-25 keywords, but quality and accuracy trump quantity. Spamming irrelevant keywords will hurt your search ranking.

Need a little inspiration? Check out our gallery of clips on Adobe Stock.

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