Strengthen the Three Pillars of Your Campaign Management Strategy

Strengthen the Three Pillars of Your Campaign Management Strategy

I have always been fascinated by Greek architecture. Consider one of the most celebrated structures representing the ingenuity of ancient Greeks: the Parthenon. This architectural marvel sitting atop the Acropolis of Athens has seen its fair share of devastation from earthquakes to explosions over the last 2,500 years, yet many of the original columns remain upright to this day.

The Greeks had quite the knack for blending beauty with strength to create structures that could stand the test of time, and it truly shows in the workmanship of the columns still encompassing the former temple at Acropolis. What is even more amazing is the lack of modern tools or equipment these ancient engineers had at their disposal when crafting such impeccable structures.

In contrast, many modern marketers have a world of technologically advanced tools available to enhance their marketing campaigns, yet still struggle to use them efficiently to strengthen the pillars that support their current campaign management initiatives

For any modern marketing campaign to be successful, marketers must focus on strengthening three strategic pillars: content, data, and execution. Without harnessing all of the tools available to augment the value proposition of your campaign management solution, your brand risks succumbing to the same bombardments and natural disasters that, without the ingenuity of innovative Greeks, would have surely sacked the Parthenon centuries ago.

So how can your enterprise reinforce the three pillars holding up your campaign management strategy?

  • Better data. In a previous blog post, I touched on the importance of knowing what to do with customer data your organization already has to build the integrated customer profile. Identifying the data you want to collect, collecting and storing the data you have identified, and finally using the data to enhance the customer journey means integrating your data warehouse and Web analytics data with your content management system to deliver relevant messages that harness the power of both solutions. For example, Adobe Campaign works hand-in-hand with Adobe Audience Manager to activate cross-channel experiences by implementing the valuable data at the core of the integrated customer profile. Additional insights from Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics, such as browsing behavior, can also be shared into Adobe Campaign, allowing brands to improve customer knowledge with the utmost efficiency. When brands integrate these marketing cloud solutions they are able to resonate with audiences and potential customers like never before.
  • Accelerated content. The ability to streamline content from creation to execution in another integral pillar of every campaign management strategy. Spending three to four weeks to create marketing messages may have worked when daily newspapers were a primary source for information and consumers relied on nightly news shows to stay informed, but today’s messages travel much faster. What may have caught the attention of potential customers a week ago could be old news by now, which is why marketers must focus on using tools such as Adobe Experience Manager to eliminate departmental barriers and intermediaries that can result in countless delays and extended project durations. When your brand puts solutions in place that help your teams work together in an integrated fashion, you will expedite the process from the creation of new content to the time it hits the digital screens of your customers.
  • Excellent execution. The pillar of execution is perhaps the most important pillar of all, because if your organization fails to execute your message properly, this pillar will fall and take the other two with it. For your marketing campaign structure to remain resolute, you have to reinforce the execution pillar with every tool at your disposal. This means optimizing the way your messages are delivered while keeping them in the right context. Creating contextual emails that take into consideration both the location and real-time situation of the customers you are marketing to helps to solidify your place as a brand that strives to create only the best, most relevant offers for your customers.

The 19th century French engineer Auguste Choisy once stated that the Parthenon represented “the supreme effort of genius in pursuit of beauty.” By strengthening the three pillars of your campaign management strategy with powerful tools designed to enhance your personalization, creative and analytical abilities, you will be building an intelligent and beautiful brand equipped to stand the test of time.

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