Technology Sparks Creativity and Fun in the Classroom

Technology Sparks Creativity and Fun in the Classroom
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Research papers are a drag for most kids. Fortunately, many schools are recognizing that kids learn better when they can be creative, get hands-on with different media, and express themselves as individuals.

In Oregon, Beaverton School District is using technology to inspire its students and transform its classrooms. The proof is really in the projects themselves.

One eighth-grader, Avery, produced a stunning presentation about coral bleaching.

  • How he did it: Combined text, images, and drawings using Adobe Spark to show how global warming is threatening coral reefs and how to help
  • Avery’s take: “Adobe Spark is fun because it helped me add another level to my project with visuals. It helps me connect to the audience because instead of just reading about dying corals, people can look at pictures and compare what corals look like when they’re healthy versus near death. Seeing the difference makes you want to work harder to do something.”
  • See Avery’s Adobe Spark project here.

Seventh-grader Tashubi created a photo journal for a science project about genetics.

  • How she did it: Uploaded photos from her phone and added text to explain her genetic traits
  • Tashubi’s take: “I was really impressed that I could press a button and Adobe Spark gave me all sorts of options. I could add a link, put in a video, upload a picture, search for an image from the Internet, and lots more. If a teacher told me I could use whatever I wanted for a project, I’d probably use Adobe Spark because you can do so many things, and it’s really simple.”
  • See Tashubi’s Adobe Spark project here.

Last but not least, third-grader Finleigh created a glide show to show off her FinleighLoops cereal box project.

  • How she did it: Combined photos, text, and video to tell a story, using transition fades for effect
  • Finleigh’s take: “It was really fun because you got to explore and there were no limits. My favorite part was the glide show, because it fades from one photo to the next and it looks really cool. I want to ask my dad if we can work on Adobe Spark at home, because I really liked creating my own web page. I think he’d like working on it too.”
  • See Finleigh’s Adobe Spark project here.

Beaverton School District knows that helping kids express themselves with greater creativity is the key to happier, more successful students. And building technical literacy also prepares them for educational and professional careers. But for students, it’s simply fun.

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