Save the Date: Adobe Think Tank at Cannes — What’s Your Brand’s EQ?

Save the Date: Adobe Think Tank at Cannes — What’s Your Brand’s EQ?

If I’m your customer, I have high expectations of you. I want the best products that I can easily find and buy online, I want share-worthy in-store experiences and great service no matter if I call, text or tweet you. I also expect you to align with my values.

How companies keep up with my needs may be the difference between me being a one-time customer or a lifelong fan. It all comes down to how deeply I connect with my favorite brands.

This month at Cannes Lions 2017 we’re hosting our Adobe Think Tank to get to the heart of what it means for brands to create emotional connections with customers, and how to do it. We’re bringing together industry leaders from top brands and agencies to dive deeper into the the role of emotion in business, as well as what technology helps companies get closer to their customers. We’ll also debate what customers expect from brands in the current global social climate.

Join our livestream of The Future of Experiences: Brand Emotional Intelligence on Thursday, June 22 at 11:00am Central European Time.

Thomas Barta, marketing thought leader and Huffington Post contributor, will moderate the livestreamed discussion, where we’ll dig into: 

  • Intelligence — Data is as critical as ever for marketing, but how do you quantify emotional connections, and what do you do with the data once you have it? What’s the relationship between a brand’s IQ and its “EQ”?
  • Culture — The world is changing quickly and social issues are on everyone’s minds. Are brands doing enough to connect with consumers on social issues, or too much? What does it mean to be authentic, and who’s getting it right?
  • Compelling Moments — How do you design and deliver experiences that matter? Which technologies power the experiences consumers crave—AR, VR, voice? And what’s coming next?

Leaders from organizations at the forefront of the experience-business movement will be at the table:

  • Catherine Balsam-Schwiber – Chief Content Officer, Mattel
  • Bill Bien — Head of Strategy, Marketing and Alliances, Philips Lighting
  • Chris Cancilla – Chief Creative Officer, Arc Worldwide
  • Sarah Gormley — VP of Brand Marketing, Adobe
  • Thalia Mavros — Founder and CEO, The Front
  • Adrian Parker — VP of Marketing, Patrón Spirits
  • Andrea Sullivan — CMO, Interbrand
  • Beth Wade — CMO, VML Agency

Adobe Think Tanks are in-person forums for sharing ideas among luminaries at the cutting edge of technology, communication and creativity in a variety of disciplines. Past Think Tanks include The Future of Digital Experiences, The Future of Work, and The Internet of Things.                                                                                                                                                

Join the conversation during the Facebook livestream, following #AdobeTT and #MakeItAnExperience on Twitter, and visiting Think Tank by Adobe for more information.

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