Up Your Advertising Game with these Adobe Summit Sessions

Customers come into focus when you learn how to use data for more relevant ad experiences.

Up Your Advertising Game with these Adobe Summit Sessions
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“Clever” is no longer the key goal of advertising campaigns. Today, a successful ad campaign means understanding and activating the tools, technologies, and techniques that ensure customer-first messaging anchored in data, relevance, and value. And once you’re “here,” you need to keep pace with shifting customer demands, fast-emerging technologies, and a greater demand for more personalized experiences.

Get an edge at Adobe Summit 2019

To maintain your competitive edge, join us in sessions in the Advertising track at Adobe Summit. We’ll dig into strategies to unify your data, customers, and content into a singular view. That kind of targeted knowledge supports the goal of buying media that’s automated, data-driven, and transparent.

We’ll also focus on how to create omnichannel advertising strategies by showcasing industry leaders and real-world case studies. This will highlight the opportunities and requirements you need to compete in this new era of advertising.

A sneak peek at Summit advertising sessions

Here are a few of the sessions in this track at Summit to help you learn what you need to drive more value to your business.

  • Activating Data Across Every Advertising Touchpoint, presented by Michelle Chen, product manager at Adobe Advertising Cloud. The data you collect from your customers is one of the most valuable assets you own. Take better control of your data, and deliver the right message to the right customer in the most effective channel by integrating Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Audience Manager.
  • Delivering an Exceptional Experience with an Omnichannel Platform, presented by Phil Cowlishaw, head of Advertising Cloud, AU/NZ Adobe. Today’s consumers don’t have linear journeys. Technology has changed the way people consume media, and this evolution has placed increasing pressure on marketers to adopt more holistic advertising strategies to plan, buy, measure, and optimize media. We’ll share how marketers have embarked on this journey and found value in an omnichannel DSP.
  • Laying the Foundation for Connected Advertising Experiences, presented by Ian Monaghan, product marketing manager at Adobe Advertising Cloud. Explore end-to-end marketing tech stacks that bring together paid, owned, and earned marketing strategies. Learn how your peers have leveraged modern tools to bridge the gap between ad tech and mar tech to deliver more meaningful and valuable experiences for their customers.
  • The Future of TV is Automated, presented by Jes Santoro, head of Advertising Cloud TV sales for Adobe. For decades, technology has transformed almost every aspect of advertising, except for television. But we’ve finally hit an inflection point where advertisers are demanding more accountability and efficiency in the largest medium for reaching audiences. Join us to discuss the importance of automation and how Adobe has been preparing for this revolution for years.

Come to Summit to become a digital advertising pro

Join industry leaders and innovators March 26-28 at The Venetian | Palazzo in Las Vegas for three days of marketing information, innovation, and inspiration. Sessions at Adobe Summit come to life with customer stories, use-case examples, and other insights into real-world application of all the technology discussed.

One of the biggest benefits of attending Summit is the added opportunities to deepen your understanding of the industry and connect with marketers like you. Come exchange ideas and expect to walk away with deepened insight, greater know-how, and a bolstered professional network — and that’s just the beginning.

Be sure to check out the complete list of Advertising sessions when you plan your Summit experience, and use code S18SMDC to save $200 when you register for #AdobeSummit.

See you there!

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