Your Guide to the Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise Track at Adobe Summit

Learn about the latest trends in design thinking and how to bring your design, creative and marketing teams together to deliver customer-centric experiences and innovation.

Your Guide to the Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise Track at Adobe Summit

Producing compelling, design-led customer experiences is how leading brands differentiate themselves. However, this responsibility shouldn’t only be the domain of designers. With advances in technology, design, creative, and marketing teams are more aligned and in step than ever — and now everyone has a hand in developing and delivering customer experiences.

The Creative Cloud for Enterprise track at this year’s Adobe Summit, which takes place from March 29 to April 2 in Las Vegas, will give your organization insight into tools and tactics you can embrace to incorporate design thinking into customer experience creation, management, and delivery. You’ll learn strategies your organization can adopt to collaborate more effectively across the business. This is critical for digital marketing teams — and any teams with a hand in delivering personalized customer experiences.

Here are a few insightful sessions you should consider attending if you’re a marketer, brand strategist, designer, or design leader concerned with how customers experience your brand.

S901 – In Tacos We Trust: Building a Cult Brand and Lessons Learned Along the Way

For more than 50 years, Taco Bell has endeared itself into the hearts, minds — and stomachs — of consumers. The company has successfully built a cult brand through creativity and innovation, and in this Summit session you’ll find out exactly how.

Christopher Ayres, Taco Bell’s executive creative director, and Tracee Larocca, Taco Bell’s senior vice president of advertising and brand engagement, will share how cultivating a strong culture, fostering talent, and overcoming challenges have helped the company build Taco Bell Design, its award-winning in-house agency. You’ll learn best practices for working with external agencies and strategies for how to develop creative digital marketing campaigns, along with tips for how to capture and communicate your brand tone and purpose. It’s a can’t-miss session for any marketer who wants to build a brand experience that consumers truly love.

S904 – Mattel: Reinventing Retail with 3D and AR Technologies

Mattel has a 75-year legacy of connecting with customers, and its 60-year-old Barbie brand is the foundation of this legacy.

Still, decade after decade, Mattel has found a way to drive innovation. Case in point: its design team for Barbie and its Girls IP packaging team have adopted some of the most advanced design processes to take their work to the next level, maintain brand consistency, and make creative-to-marketer workflows more efficient while driving costs down.

If you’re wondering how they do it, join Sal Velazquez, a lead designer for the Barbie and Girls IP team, as he details how the teams use 3D and augmented reality (AR) tools to transform their digital designs, and how these tools accelerate the creative review and approval processes. Sal will also demonstrate product features, pitch design concepts, and product planogram placement, and share how Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries help Mattel’s cross-functional teams achieve brand consistency.

While Sal’s session will focus on Mattel, marketers and designers alike will learn several actionable tips and product insights they can take back to their organizations to make better use of Adobe tools and collaborate more meaningfully.

S902 – HP and MediaMonks: Pioneering the Path to Personalized User Journeys

HP and MediaMonks steer this innovative session, focused on unifying customer experiences through creativity and data. Recognizing customer data was just the beginning, HP sought to bring together cross-channel experiences, specifically surrounding its PC gaming lifestyle hub, By better applying customer insights, the HP team could better see and act on its audience’s wants and needs, delivering a more personalized digital experience to gamers.

In this session, hear firsthand from HP Global Head of Digital Experience and Innovation, Gene Paek, plus MediaMonks’ COO and Founder Wesley ter Haar. Here, they’ll share the relaunch story and how, with the power of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Magento Commerce, they rolled out a fun, engaging, and totally customer-first experience at scale.

S650 – Adobe and The NY Times Company: Trust and Transparency in Media

With the growing demand for accountability in media, Adobe is committed to helping publishers and social platforms boost trust and transparency. In this session, Adobe VP of Community Products Will Allen shares the latest from the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), launched last year in partnership with The New York Times Company and Twitter.

During this deep dive, Will will address questions related to our collective role in the media chain of custody as well as whether or not attribution paths should be shared when it comes to manipulated content. Now more than ever, we’re all content custodians and publishers — and this session shines a bright light on our responsibilities in this new media backdrop.

S906 – Travel to 2030: A Future Where Tech Has Reshaped Creativity, Work, and Life

Yes, it may read like the stuff of sci-fi novels but, according to session presenter Suff Syef, head of product for human intelligence at Publicis Sapient, eternal life, bioengineered humans, and intelligent machines driving a multi-planetary species are closer than we can even imagine. In this session, you’ll travel a decade ahead and preview what our planet and species look like. More importantly, he’ll unpack how, as a creative, you’re responsible for shaping this exciting new world and the new career paths that come next.

L763 – Connected Workflows: Design with AEM sites with Speed using Adobe XD

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to scale your Adobe Experience Manager site design process with Adobe XD, Adobe’s UX design platform that allows teams to design and prototype digital experiences across mobile, desktop, and the web. You’ll discover how XD accelerates the design process, how XD design systems drive design consistency within Experience Manager Sites, and how to use Adobe Target and XD to prototype personalized experiences.

Think of this training session as your primer for how to powerfully combine Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud to design at scale.

L761 – Video Experts Need Not Apply

While the demand for video content has increased, the budget necessary to create this content hasn’t kept pace. Organizations also struggle to find the right talent and to upskill their existing workforce to meet this demand.

But thanks to today’s advanced technology, you don’t need to be a video expert to create engaging visual content. Adobe Premiere Rush democratizes creativity, allowing diverse, cross-functional teams to create professional and visually stunning branded videos that don’t break the bank. In this lab, you’ll learn how this all-in-one video creation platform allows you to shoot, edit, and share videos on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, and how your organization can scale video content creation without having to scale your team.

L762 – Delivering Augmented Reality Experiences with Adobe Dimension

Another hands-on lab in the track, this training digs into Adobe Experience Manager Assets and its ability to deliver AR experiences to mobile storefronts. With an eye on added 3D and AR capabilities in Adobe Creative Cloud such as Adobe Dimension, you’ll leave with the high-level overview and actionable next steps you need to not just create 3D models and products but to use those models to create immersive customer content and store them in the cloud.

That’s just a sampling of the Creative Cloud for Enterprise sessions and labs at this year’s Adobe Summit. To see a full list, visit the session catalog. Register now for Summit 2020.

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