Grab These Zoom Backgrounds From Adobe Stock

Brighten up your screen while working from home.

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Image source: Adobe Stock / Meiko.
Grab These Zoom Backgrounds From Adobe Stock
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With the widespread and rapid rise of people working from home and sheltering in place due to COVID-19, a new star has emerged online: Zoom.

Zoom has become the video conferencing tool of choice for many educational institutions, professionals, and for regular folks just coordinating virtual hangouts with their friends. It was popular before, but during the pandemic, it’s seen record-breaking numbers of downloads as thousands of people try it out for the first time, for work and socializing.

Image source: Adobe Stock / FlashMovie / Pond5.

One of our favorite features? It has a fun feature that allows you to customize your background while on a video call. In times like these, we could all use a smile and a little creative inspiration, so our curators have put together this gallery of creative Zoom backgrounds from Adobe Stock, complimentary for you to use.

Check out the free Zoom backgrounds here.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Lev.

To use a custom Zoom background, sign in to your Zoom account and head over to your Account Settings. Choose the Virtual Background option in the Meeting tab to enable and customize the feature. For detailed instructions, start here.

We hope these brighten your day and make your next video chat a little more creative.

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